Metro Detroit Regional Transportation Operations – January 2020

Freeway and Arterial Operations Update Aaron Raymond from MDOT reported on freeway and arterial operations issues.  MDOT has entered a contract with Econolite for traffic signal central software.  MDOT traffic signals in Detroit will be using the Econolite software.  Michigan Avenue traffic signals will be adaptive.  The MDOT Freeway Operations Center will become a more comprehensive traffic operations center with the addition of traffic signal operations. The new operations room contract will encompass both freeway and arterial operations.

MDOT will be working more closely with local agencies and become more involved in arterial operations.  Traffic cameras will be added to Woodward and Gratiot, and small dynamic message signs will appear on arterials.  The Michigan Avenue and Gratiot deployment will have adaptive traffic signal operations based on sensor input.

Dynamic message signs on freeways with travel times will include information on arterial operations beginning in 2021.

TIM Partnering Workshop Plans for 2020

Jeff Young from the Washtenaw County Road Commission reported that the TIM Partnering Workshop for 2020 will be held at the Washtenaw County Community College in Ann Arbor on May 21, 2020..  Washtenaw County Sheriff Jerry L. Clayton has agreed to be part of the program.  MDOT Director Paul Ajegba has the event on his calendar. A panel discussion of Ann Arbor football traffic operations is planned to include representatives from the County Sheriff, University of Michigan, and the City of Ann Arbor.

Traffic Planning for the 2020 Auto Show

Sarah Gill from MDOT outlined plans for the Detroit Auto Show in June of 2020.  The Grand Prix on Belle Ilse will precede the June 2020 Auto Show by about a week. Fifteen events are scheduled for the month of June in Detroit. Tentative schedule dates are

June 18-20 Test Days

June 12 Charity Preview using both TCF Center and Hart Plaza

June 15-20 Public Days

June 22 Fireworks

There will be a baseball game in the mix during the event.  The attendance at the event will be approximately 1.4 million.  Vehicles on display will be in the 1100 to 1400 range. Autonomous vehicles will be demonstrated.   An event on Belle Ilse may be added to the mix. The Charity Preview event will now be in three locations, including the TCF Center  The show is expected to attract 1.8 million visitors.

City of Detroit Traffic Signal Operations and Smart City Initiatives

Tony Geara and Al Pysiazniuk from the City of Detroit described the traffic signal system and intelligent transportation systems programs in the city.  There are approximately 1200 traffic signals, 2500 signs, and 1200 miles of roadway in the city.  The 63 Miovision cameras currently deployed are being used to detect pedestrians at selected locations.  Remote traffic management is being used for 800 traffic signals.  One of the traffic signal operations is data collection to improve operations The traffic  signal management center is now co-located with the Detroit Police Department.  A renovation of this shared facility is planned for 2020.  Miovision is used for traffic control at 425 locations.  Tactics traffic control is used at 265 locations, and Centracs control is used at 200 locations.  Within the city, 787 signals are controlled by the city, 256 by MDOT, and 122 by Wayne County.

Additional information on arterial traffic management is being supplied by WAZE, DPD Dispatch, Google heat maps, and social media..  The attached presentation provides additional information on the City of Detroit transportation operations activities.

Statewide Traffic Incident Management

Dawn Miller reported on statewide traffic incident management activities.

2020 Traffic Safety Summit March 10-11

Planning another TIM Sampler as a breakout session; and will find out soon if suggestion from TIM Action Team for TIM General Session was selected: “Victory Over Critical Injury – Sgt. Robert Bemis (retired Pennsylvania State Trooper) was struck in a secondary crash and permanently injured. He accounts his victory over critical Injury and uses his experience to educate on issues of highway safety and raise awareness of the hazards present to emergency responders working along the highways. (Update after meeting: Sgt. Bemis was selected as speaker for closing session of conference.)


Target for 2019-2022 TIM Action Plan is 50% (16278) of responders trained statewide by 12/31/2022. Total Michigan responders trained as of 12/17/19 is 7746 in 353 training sessions which is 23.8% of all responders. Fire/rescue have 47.3% trained. Law enforcement and DOT have more than 20% trained but other disciplines are less than 20%.

National Traffic Incident Response Awareness Week (NTIRAW) November 10-16, 2019:

Press Conference was held southwest of Grand Rapids on Tuesday, November 12, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. at the Wyoming Fire Department station. Weather did not cooperate for TIM demonstrations that were planned. Tow vehicles and fire apparatus with Utility2 were needed to respond to real incidents and were not available for demonstrations. Nevertheless, the event was well attended and received good media coverage from multiple media sources. Mi-TIME responder training with table-top exercises after press conference. Mi-TIME trainings during NTIRAW by region: Metro (2), Grand (1), and Southwest (1).

Traffic Safety Summit: Planning another TIM Sampler as breakout session; exploring ideas to submit for general session on TIM.

Motor Vehicle Network Message for January 2020

Video only message 45 seconds in length will play for at Secretary of State branch offices during month of January. Message emphasizes slow down at least 10 mph below speed limit and move over for authorized vehicles with flashing lights activated.

TIM Action Team

Next meeting on February 5, 2020 will include a tour of the new STOC (Statewide Transportation Center) in Lansing  Meeting at 9:30 am at Horatio Earle Learning Center then over to STOC for tour.