Detroit – Regional Transportation Operations November 2019



Freeway and Arterial Operations Update

Aaron Raymond and Sarah Gill from MDOT reported on freeway and arterial operations issues.  MDOT has entered a contract with Econolite for traffic signal central software.  MDOT traffic signals in Detroit will be using the Econolite software.  Michigan Avenue traffic signals will be adaptive.  The MDOT Freeway Operations Center will become a more comprehensive traffic operations center with the addition of traffic signal operations.

MDOT will be working more closely with local agencies and become more involved in arterial operations.  Traffic cameras will be added to Woodward and Gratiot, and small dynamic message signs will appear on arterials.  MI-TIME classes will be coming to the region.  An open house is planned for Macomb County.

TIM Partnering Workshop Plans for 2020

Jeff Young from the Washtenaw County Road Commission reported that the TIM Partnering Workshop for 2020 will be held at the Washtenaw County Community College in Ann Arbor on May 21, 2020..  Washtenaw County Sheriff Jerry L. Clayton has agreed to be part of the program…MDOT Director Paul Ajegba has the event on his calendar.

Traffic Planning for the 2020 Auto Show

Carl Berry from the North American International Show outlined plans for the Detroit Auto Show in June of 2020.  The Grand Prix on Belle Ilse will precede the June 2020 Auto Show by about a week. Fifteen events are scheduled for the month of June in Detroit. Tentative schedule dates are; June 18-20 Test Days ,June 12 Charity Preview using both TCF Center and Hart Plaza, June 15-20 Public Days, June 22 Fireworks

There will be a baseball game in the mix during the event.  The attendance at the event will be approximately 1.4 million.  Vehicles on display will be in the 1100 to 1400 range. Autonomous vehicles will be demonstrated.   An event on Belle Ilse may be added to the mix. The Charity Preview event will now be in three locations, including the TCF Center  The show is expected to attract 1.8 million visitors.

Cruise ships are now docking at the Port of Detroit, bringing more visitors to the city. 

I-75 Modernization Project

Tim Day from WSP described the I-75 Modernization project in Troy on behalf of MDOT project manager  Sue Datta.  Segment 2 (8.5 miles from Coolidge to 13 Mile in Troy and Madison Heights) is currently under construction.  This was a design-build procurement and the project completion date is Fall of 2020. The project includes 20 bridges, freeway construction and lane addition, and enforcement areas to support new high occupancy vehicle lanes.  One new lane in each direction will be added to serve high occupancy vehicles during peak traffic periods 7-9 am and 4-6 pm.  New Diverging Diamond Interchanges will be constructed at Big Beaver Road and 14 Mile Road.  Work on the new northbound lanes is expected to be complete by Thanksgiving 2019.  The new southbound lanes will be constructed in 2020.

Fire Service Report

Canton Deputy Chief Jamie Strassner  reported that his township is conducting an assessment of how to handle traffic incidents.  The TIM training class is very helpful in this regard.  The availability of traffic cameras helps with their response.  These tools help with risk management practices and Hazmat response practices.

Statewide Traffic Incident Management

Dawn Miller reported on statewide traffic incident management activities.

2020 Traffic Safety Summit: Planning another TIM Sampler as breakout session; exploring ideas to submit for general session on TIM.

Mi-TIME: Target for 2019-2022 TIM Action Plan is 50% (16278) of responders trained statewide by 12/31/2022. Total responders trained statewide as of 7/11/19 is 7,349 which is 22.6% of all responders. Breakdown by discipline has 20.5% law enforcement, 25% DOT/roads and 46.3% fire/rescue responders trained. Other disciplines trained are less than 20%. To reach the 50% goal, 16,000 would be trained.

Mi-TIME training now approved by State 911 Committee for CE credits for dispatchers. Mi-TIME instructors need to have submitted and received approval from State 911 Committee prior to instructing course for dispatch attendees to receive credit for Mi-TIME training.

Regional Conference: Conference is free and held in Kentucky this year October 24-25. Attendees invited from Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. Kentucky will host this conference for third and final year. Michigan will be hosting this conference for 2020.

National Traffic Incident Response Awareness Week (NTIRAW): TIM activities being planned for this event taking place November10-16, 2019. For the last several years, a press conference has been held during this event at AAA Headquarters in Dearborn. This year Wyoming will be the location for the press conference to expand outreach and awareness of TIM response. Planning to hold at least one Mi-TIME training in each of 7 different regions statewide during this week.